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An introduction from the artist.

    I have been immersed in photography for many years. During that 
time, I have seen how technologies  change the way in which people, 
places and things may be photographed and presented for viewing.
    It is my goal to convey to viewers of my photographs, the emotions I
experience from  the moment I press the shutter, to the finished image.
    The compliance, the texture, and the play of light on subjects, is both
fascinating, and a challenge to capture.
    Regardless of how technology and equipment may evolve,  my quest
for  artistic expression is a process which provides me with no  end of
pleasure in sharing my work with others.
email  russ.hadd@pondcreststudio.com  

"Blooms, Evenings and Sunsets"
A Highlights PORTFOLIO of  
 Eagles in Columbia, Ct    Columbia Lake, Columbia, Ct

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