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A Special, and Rare Event  
~ A Visual Story of the Banding of a "Fledgling"* Bald Eagle ~
(names to describe baby birds are within the notes section at the bottom of this page) 
Following A Pair of Resident Bald Eagles in the town of Columbia, Connecticut.  
- Photographs taken at the nesting area of a successful Hatchling -  
An Eagle Parent perches near the nesting site - January, 2018  
A Parent sitting on Nest - April, 2018.  
A Handler approaching the nest to retrieve the newest Offspring - May 25, 2018  
Approximately 100 feet up
Arriving at the nest and locating and preparing to net the fledgling  
An anxious Parent circles overhead  
The Handler checking the rigging at the nest  
The Handler readies the net for stablizing the youngster  
The fledgling is carefully placed into a cloth sack and lowered to the ground  
A quick check, and preparing to Examine and Band the fledgling  
The Handler and Bander attach the first band (K7)  
Nature hath created a most effective adaptation for survival  
Under the young Eagle's watchful eyes, the second band is attached  
The Banding is complete and a final exam given  
One last check  
Fledgling with the K7 band is comforted and resting  
Another view of this young healthy Bald Eagle  
The Handler hoisting the fledgling K7 back up to the nest  
Fledgling K7 is returned to the nest!  
*Some helpful notes:
An explaination of naming conventions for baby birds.
   Chick - A most frequently used term for a baby bird. A chick is a bird that's still relatively young.
Baby birds at different ages:
   Hatchling - A bird that's no more than a few days. Typically naked with closed eyes.
   Nestling -  After a few days, a hatchling becomes a nestling. A nestling is usually covered in down,
                     and is completely dependent on its parents for food and does not leave the nest.
   Fledgling - When ready to leave the nest, it becomes a fledgling.
                     Occasionally found on the ground near a nest, hopping awkwardly.
                     A fledgling has most of its flight feathers, but it's still learning to fly.
                     Its parents will usually take care of it.
The next four stages are juvenile, immature, subadult, and adult.
A baby Eagle is an "eaglet"
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