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         - A Showcase of Select Images Which have been rendered in MONOCHROME
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    Each image has been titled at the bottom of the image.  
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        The Images presented below represent photographic works
     which have been rendered as MONOCHROME (Black & White).
        The resulting image devoid of color content may provide a more  
     dramatic view of the subject, and may evoke a timeless quality,
     in the tradition of classic photographs of an earlier era.
        The photographs chosen for this special presentation have been
     selected from the many, and diverse galleries of

           PONDCREST STUDIO  ...
"SKYLINE Farm at Sunset"
Columbia, CT

"Fox Glove 1"
at PONDCREST,  Columbia, CT

"Frog in a Pond"
Gay City State Park,  Hebron, CT

"A Classic Light Duty Truck"
Lebanon Historical Day,  Lebanon, CT

"Snow Field Tree-scape"
Storrs, CT

"Ducks In Winter Pond"
Mansfield, CT

"Hello"  from The Coral
resident of the SKYLINE FARM,  Columbia, CT

"FARMALL Tractor Looking Good"
Lebanon Historical Day,  Lebanon, CT

"Not Heading to the Milking Barn"
Szegda Farm Oxenfest,  Columbia, CT

"Frisky In the Fall Coral"
Columbia, CT

"Hyasinths 1 "
at Pondcrest,  Columbia, CT

"Ed's Treasure"
gassing up Eds '51 Ford - preflight - at Collins' Garage,  Columbia, CT

"On A Country Road By The Old Farm"
Old Szegda Farm, Szegda Rd,  Columbia, CT

"Fall Dam 1 "
Jones's Pond,  Columbia, CT

"Winter Landscape 2 "
 Lebanon, CT

"Two Hungry Bovine"
Cobb Farm,  Columbia, CT

"Two Hungry"
Little Bit Farm,  Columbia, CT

"Fall On The Hill"
Horsebarn Hill,  Storrs, CT

"A Bearded Iris"
at Pondcrest,  Columbia, CT

"Shortcut Along A Wintery Hill"
Storrs, CT

"Great Blue Heron With Catch"
Columbia, CT

at Pondcrest,  Columbia, CT

"Big Tools Of The Farm"
Szegda Farm LLC,  Columbia, CT

"Tired Old Barn by the Roadside"
Lebanon, CT

"The Super Moon Over The Farm"
Szegda Farm LLC,  Columbia, CT

"Luke, Lucy, Louise",  a Portrait
Little Bit Farm,  Columbia, CT

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