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People In Places  
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-4K,  "Artist Hanging Art"
Willimantic, Ct

-4K,  "Picnic",  

-4K,  "The Street Artist"
Mystic, Ct
-4K,  "The Man With Machine"  

-4K,  "Preparing For The Evening", as owned and operated by Amy Haddad Dzvonchik and Fred Haddad  
 The Much Appreciated and Fondly Remembered ALTNEVEIGH INN,  STORRS,  CT  
image:  1975

-4K,  "Greetings Neighbors"  

4K,  "Good Friends,"  

-4K,  "Chuck - the Do Everything Man"  

-4K,  "The Caring Care Giver"  

-4K,  "Emerging From The Deep"  

-4K,  "Not Heading To The Milking Barn"  

-4K,  "A Fine Tractor and It's Proud Restorer"  

-4K,  "Woman playing 'country' Harp"  

-4K,  "The Walkers In The Borough",
Stonington, CT

-4K,  "The Stone Man"  

-4K,  "Colonial Server"  

-4K,  "Tiny Chics Entertain"  

-4K,  "A Little Annoyed?"  

-4K,  "The Writer",  
 Orlando,  FL   image: 1975

-4K,  "Immense Wonder"  

-4K,  "Ivy's Garden"  

-4K,  "Lily The Helper"  

-4K,  "A Coleman Portrait", Stevie, Sophie, Ivy  
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