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Sometimes In Winter
 "Much Loved Willow Point",  Mystic, CT
 "Why Not?!"
Special New additions:
In A Historic Area of Columbia, CT
 "Home Side View Near Stream"
 "Winter Stream & Old Stone Bridge"
 "The Icy Flow 1"
 "The Icy Flow 2"
 "The Icy Flow 3"

 "Winter Corn Field And Clouds"
 "Clear Landing Runway"
 "A Winter Field"

 "Winter Forest Brook"
 "The Storm Cleanup"
 "Arched View of Rhode Island Shore"
 "Horse Barn In Winter"

Winter Farms  
 "Winter Farm At Sunset"
 "Windswept Snow On The Hill Farm"
 "Winter Barn At Sunset"

 "Corn Field & Farm"
 "Farm & Wall"
 "Quiet By The Pond"
 "Frozen Brook By The Road"

- New England, 2013 Blizzard in Connecticut -  
 "Evening Snow"
 "Cardinal Waiting"
 "PondCrest Studio Under Cover"
 "Winter Feeding"
 "White Throated Sparrow Resting"

New England, 1978 in Connecticut - "Snow Storm Larry Anyone?"  
~ Original shed with attached lean-to ~  
Now, Fast Forward To December 27, 2010 -
"1st Snow Storm of many to follow that Winter!"  
 "Night Glow"  
 "Tree Scape"  
 "Snow Field Tree Scape"  
 "Peace Nest Winter"  
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