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From Bodies of Water,
A Mixed View  
  "Leaving The Cove",  Freeport, Bahamas  
  "Rocks and Moss",  New Smyrna Beach, FL  
  "Under the Pier",  Daytona Beach, FL  
  "Rocking and Fishing",  off Grand Bahama  
  "Bow-Spray",  off Grand Bahama  
  "Tiki Bar",  New Bedford,  MA  
 "Winter Harbour Docks",  Willow Point, Mystic, CT
 "Lovers Sunset",  Columbia,  CT
 "Home On The Shore At Sunset",  Columbia,  CT
 "Town Beach Lake House",  Columbia,  CT
 "Sunset - Late Return",  Columbia,  CT

At Noank Harbor,  CT  
 "Working Boat"  
 "Foggy Morning Dock Side" 

Along An Eastern Connecticut Shore Point  
The Stonington Borough  
 "Home Readying for Sunset"
 "Landscaped Wall In Evening"  

Narragansett Bay,  Rhode Island  
 "A view up toward Scarborough Beach"  
US Coast Guard "Eagle",  Resting in New London Harbor,  CT  
 "The Eagle"  
 "Stately Prow"  

An Historic Maine Retreat, on Moosehaed Lake,  Maine,  1978  
 "Kineo" a view toward Greenville Junction,  

Sun setting on the lake -
Three Views,  Columbia,  CT,  1972  
 "Evening Paddle"  
 "Evening Sail"  

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