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From Bodies of Water,
A Mixed View  
20-16,   Leaving The Cove,  Freeport, Bahamas  
22-16,   Rocks and Moss,  New Smyrna Beach, FL  
23-16,   Under the Pier,  Daytona Beach, FL  
24-16,   Divers in the Springs,  at the Blue Springs, FL  
25-16,   Fishing,  off Grand Bahama  
26-16,   Bow-Spray,  off Grand Bahama  
27-16,   Tiki Bar,  New Bedford,  MA  
01-16,  Lovers Sunset
02-16,  Home On The Shore At Sunset,  Columbia,  CT
03-16,  Town Beach Lake House,  Columbia,  CT
04-16,  Sunset - Late Return,  Columbia,  CT

20-14,   Children In Surf

Noank Harbor,  CT  
05-16,  Working Boat  
06-16,  Morning Dock Side 
18-16,  Winter Harbour Docks 

Along An Eastern Connecticut Shore Point  
The Stonington Borough  
07-16,  "Home Readying for Sunset"
08-16,  "The Walkers In the Borough"  
09-16,  "Landscaped Wall In Evening"  

Rhode Island,  Narragansett Bay  
10-16,  Up Toward Scarborough Beach  
US Coast Guard "Eagle",  Resting in New London Harbor,  CT  
11-16,  The Eagle  
12-16,  The Mast  
13-16,  Stately Prow  

A Maine Retreat  
14-16,  Kineo,  Maine  

Sun setting on the lake -
Three Views,  Columbia,  CT,  1972  
15-16,  Dockside  
16-16,  Evening Paddle  
17-16,  Evening Sail  

And In Closing,  A Small Treasure  
00-16,  White Asters
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