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Approximately one third of our food
supply is dependent on pollination,
and bees are responsible for most of it.  
For those who share a love of planet Earth's
smaller and fragile creatures -
this gallery is dedicted to all pollinating creatures of
 nature, for they are so important to all of Earth's occupants.  
 I hope you enjoy these special images from

Some commonly seen North East USA POLLINATORS in their habitat
  "A Chance Encounter",
a Hummingbird Moth on Phlox, at Pondcrest Estate, CT
  "Good Eating Here",
a late Summer feeder, on a cone flower
in a private garden, Coventry, CT  
  "Late Fall Feeder",
beside a small pond
  Columbia, CT  
  "On The Daffodils",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Mr. Hummer", (Ruby Throated hummingbird),  male
  Columbia, CT  
  "Moth Feeding",
  Noank, CT
  "Bee Feeding",
  Noank, CT
 "Wasp Feeding On Golden Rod",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Yellow Jacket (Ground Bee) Entering Subterranean Hive",
beside a busy driveway
  Columbia, CT  
  "Yellow Jacket (Ground Bee) Emerging From Hive"
  Columbia, CT  
  "Honey Pasture Feeder Late Summer", on Asters,
  SZEGDA Farm LLC,  Columbia, CT  
  "Bee On Sunflower Late Summer",
  Buttonwood Farm,  Griswold, CT  
  "On Approach to Queen Anns Lace",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Safe Landing",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Cairns Birdwing 2(male) Butterfly",
  Magic Wings,  South Deerfield, MA  
  "Late Summer Feeder",
  on the 'Garden On The Bridge',  Willimantic, CT  
  "Bee Fly On Yew Bough",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Bumble Bee On Sedum",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Beetle on Tiny Flower",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Ant 0n Privet Hedge Flower",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Bee On Phlox",
  Columbia, CT  
  "Bumble Bee Entrenched in Golden Rod",
vColumbia, CT  
  "Hungry Late Summer, Monarch Butterfly",
stopping along a migration route
  Mumford Cove,  Groton, CT  
  "Airy Wings Feeding", Monarch Butterfly,
  Mumford Cove,  Groton, CT  
From Another Species
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  "Great Black Wasp", aka Katydid Killer, on Golden Rod,
  mid Summer, Columbia, CT  
  "Great Black Wasp 2", on Golden Rod,
  Columbia, CT  
  "Bee And Phlox",
  Columbia, CT  
  "BEE-Having!" (Bumble Bee),
  late Summer, GAY CITY State Park,  Hebron, CT  
  In closing,  A Small Treasure  
  "White Asters",
  Columbia, CT  
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