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People, Places And Events  
including:  Coventry Farmers Market CT,  Szegda Farm CT,  Andover Bridge on the Airline Trail CT,  Greenways trails,  
A Radio Control model plane Fly-In CT,  An Historic Old Church in Lebanon CT in transition  
And Much More

The ZAGRAY Homestead Museum,
Colchester, CT - 2015  
71-4,   "MASSIVE",
July, 2015,  A beautifully restored work-horse of the farm,
 Colchester,  CT  
64-4,   "Parts That Make It Work",
July, 2015,
 Colchester,  CT  

61-4,   "Falls Along Side The Old Mill",
Late Winter,
 Willimantic,  CT  
60-4,   "Falls Along Side The Old Mill",
Late Summer, Willimantic,  CT  
-4,  "Garden On The Bridge",
 Willimantic,  CT  
-4,   "FROGS on the BRIDGE", greeting travelers
 Willimantic,  CT  
-4,   "Helicopter on the High Wire",
Late Evening, Willimantic,  CT  
-4,   "Late Evening In Town",
 Willimantic,  CT  
57-4,   "Sunset Fill Up",
 New Bedford,  MA  
54-4,  "Garden Pool 1",
Grand Bahama
55-4,  "Garden Waterfall",
Grand Bahama
"Garden Of The Groves",
Grand Bahama
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56-4,  "Parasail 1", hang on Lori
Grand Bahama
51-4,  "Neglect"  
52-4,  "Promo"  

"Along The Shore"
48-4,   "The Venerable and Talented - Roomful Of Blues",
 - Willow Point Mystic, CT  
49-4,   "Shoreline Tracks",
 - Stonington, CT  
37-4,   "Bay Shore 2",

 Narragansett, RI  

By The Sea,  
The tall ship with Majestic Eagle  of the United States Coast Guard Academy
New London,  CT - pier  
01-4,   "The Eagle"

50-4,   "The Bakery & Deli",
 - Yantic,  CT  
An Uplifting Experience, Shared At The  
Mystic Yoga Shala
06-4,   "UPLIFTING"  

08-4,   "Old Things On A Table For Sale"
Brimfield, MA  
11-4,   "Street Artist With Pencil"
Mystic, CT  
14-4,   "The Balloon Vendor"
Willimantic, CT  
15-4,   "Steppin' Out"
Willimantic, CT  
16-4,   "Race Ready"
Loudon, NH  
17-4,   "Le Machine"
Loudon, NH  
18-4,   "On Track and Flying"
Loudon, NH  
They Never Get Old  !!  
32-4,   "Cruisin' Main St",
 - Manchester, CT
19-4,   "The Promo Street Banner" a noted local musical icon proudly invites it's favorite fans.
Willimantic, CT  

The Incredible Atlantic Avenue Street Fair In Brooklyn, NY
 New York - September 30, 2012 ! !
21-4,   "Tray after tray after tray ...."
One of hundreds of Local fresh food vendors  
22-4,   "Takin' a Break On The Quieter Side Of Brooklyn",  One Street Over  
23-4,   "The Bridge", Williamsburg  
The Williamsburg Bridge From the Brooklyn side  
"City Scape 2"  
24-4,   From the Manhattan Side  
"Manhattan Skyline 1"  
25-4,   From the the Ferry Taxi  
31-4,   "Sunny Afternoon In The Park",
 Central Park, NYC


~  Night Scenes At The Street Fest  ~  
47-4,   "High Walkers Delight",
 - Willimantic, CT  
26-4,   "Coffee Cafe'",
 - Willimantic, CT  
30-4,   "Night Lights On The Street",

 - Willimantic, CT  

35-4,   "Town Hall",

  Historic Willimantic, CT  
42-4,   "Street Store Front",

  Willimantic, CT  

A New England mill town in the 60's searching for it's identity
43-4,   "Main Street",
 1969,  Willimantic, CT  
A New England (former) mill town - 44 Years Later With A New Persona
44-4,   "Main Street", much later

 2013,   Willimantic, CT  
A New England mill town and A well known Street
45-4,   "On Union Street",
 1969,   Willimantic,  CT
 MILEVITZ"S Clothing,  LINDY'S Restaurant,
 Hickey Drug Co.,  PAPAS, and historic Gilson House (unseen) opposite side
A New England mill town - 44 Years Later Post Demolition,  Offering A New Face
46-4,  (former)  "Union Street", years later
 2013,   Willimantic,  CT  
-4,   "Main Street at Union St fork",
 1969,   Willimantic,  CT  
A New England mill town - 44 Years Later
-4,   "Main Street at Union St fork",
 2017,   Willimantic,  CT  
-4,   "Union Street,  Goettlichs Furniture store",
 1969,   Willimantic,  CT  
-4,   "View looking West up Main Street,  w/rail line",
 1969,   Willimantic,  CT  
A New England mill town - Up Main Street,  
58-4,   "Main Street",
 1969,   Willimantic,  CT  
A New England mill town - 44 Years Later Post Demolition,  A New Face
59-4,   "Main Street",
August,  2013,   Willimantic,  CT  


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