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People, Places And Things Happening  
~ The Annual Simsbury, CT Fly-In & Cruise Day ~  
At The Simsbury, CT Air Field, Special Airplanes & Cars Show Their Stuff!  
01-simshw - X-AirRaile  
02-simshw - The Beautiful Power Is Ready  
03-simshw - Big Guy Approaches  
04-simshw - The Big Fly-By  
05-simshw - Bank & Turn  
06-simshw - Underbelly Of The C5A Gallaxy!  
07-simshw - A little Vintage Iron!  
08-simshw - The Beauty Of Yesteryear  
09-simshw - View Of Pre-Flight Ready/Waiting  
10-simshw - Mean Fella  
11-simshw - Power This Up  
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