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Fungi, Mushrooms - in Mixed Seasons
The varieties displayed here were photographed in Southern New England

  "Shitake Mushrooms At The Market", Coventry, CT  

  "Fungi in Damp Shaded woods", Columbia, CT  

  "Not That Picky", they will eat and eat ... , Columbia, CT  

  in CT  

  in CT  
  in CT  
  in CT  
  in CT  
  "Breaking Through" , at Pondcrest in CT  
  "Chicken Of The Woods" , at Pondcrest in CT  
  "Emerging Family", Columbia, CT  
  in CT  
  in CT  
  "LICHENS on Black Cherry", Columbia, CT  
  "Tree Bracket Fungus", In Columbia, CT  
  "Morels In Spring, caution", Columbia, CT  
  "LICHENS on Pine", Columbia, CT  
  in CT  
  "LICHENS", another variety, Columbia, CT  
33-1B,  In closing,  a Small Treasure  
34-1B,  White Asters,  at PONDCREST,  Columbia,  CT  
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