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A Mixed View  
37-14,  Fall Leaves And Horses On The Farm,  Columbia, CT
36-14,  The Old Star Farm Today,  Columbia,  CT
35-14,  Corn Harvest,  Mansfield,  CT
29-14,  Lines And Fall,  Columbia,  CT
30-14,  Lovers Sunset
31-14,  Home On The Shore At Sunset,  Columbia,  CT
32-14,  Town Beach Lake House,  Columbia,  CT
33-14,  Sunset - Late Return,  Columbia,  CT

34-14,  Duck Pond and Field,  Coventry,  CT
1700's Residence & Barn - Two Views  
01-14,  The Old Barn - still stands at the Clark House,  Columbia,  CT
02-14,  The Old Barn 2,  Columbia,  CT

At The beautifully restored Historic Booth-Dimock Farmstead,  Coventry,  CT  
09-14,   Handsome  
10-14,   Enjoying Outdoors  
Along A Country Road,  Coventry,  CT  
11-14,  Hungry In Fall  
12-14,  Horses Live Here  
13-14,  Slow In Time 
14-14,  Solo  
06-14,  Two Protected In Coral,  
07-14,   Greetings  
08-14,  A Real Prize  

15-14,  Country Road By The Old Farm  
16-14,  Fall Time Maple  

A Maine Retreat  
17-14,  Kineo, Maine  

Sunsetting on the lake
Three Views,  Columbia,  CT,  1972  
18-14,  Dock-side  
19-14,  Evening Paddle  
20-14,  Evening Sail  

On The Farm  
21-14,  Dozer Quiet  
22-14,  Tractor Done For The Day  

23-14,  Very Fallish  
24-14,  Weathered Grey Barn,  Lebanon,  CT  
25-14,  An Historical Place of Worship  
26-14,  In Transition  
27-14,  A Fine Connecticut Winery,  Coventry,  CT  
And In Closing,  A Small Treasure  
28-14,  White Asters
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